29 June 2012

eugene oregon

We went to Eugene to visit my sister Elaine. We biked around Eugene then the next day we went to the sea shore.

Brynn can take pictures and ride a bike at the same time.

This is the most wonderful tree in Eugene. It's a very old cherry tree whose branches need to be propped up with sticks. It's also in a very nice flower garden.
Poppies and little white flowers
Alien see pods
More poppies and little purple flowers.
Near the coast

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27 June 2012

camping on the yuba river

micahel convinced me to sleep without tent under the stars on the banks of the yuba river by telling me the spiders don't come down to the sand of the riverbanks.  so we slept out in the open, and all night i had dreams about psychos with axes and bears.  

the yuba was pretty uncrowded, we ran into only a couple people; they were panning for gold and smoking pot, respectively.  so california.   

my happy place

he's still sleeping!

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24 June 2012

michael's graduation picnic and the seal rock inn

we thought we'd posted these already, but apparently we didn't!  a month late, here are pictures from michael's graduation party in golden gate park in san francisco.  it was a lovely day!

i wanted to make a feast but was limited to stuff i could prepare in the hotel room.  radish butter was perfect and tasty!
ingredients: radishes, scallions, butter, dill, garlic, salt, pepper. 
my other contribution was a cold spinach dip.  i have the arandas to thank for both recipe ideas.  however the spinach i bought wasn't cooked, so we cooked it in the coffee pot with water and strained it very carefully.  it worked!  hotel room makeshift kitchen success.

we stayed at the fantastic seal rock inn.  after the picnic we walked around the ocean for a bit.  in line with the theme of this trip, it was cold.  but the sunset was lovely. 

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